Review of Aphodius subgenera related to Acrossus

Kabakov, O.N. & Frolov, A.V. 1996. A Review of the Beetles of the Genus Aphodius Ill. (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Russia and Adjacent Countries, Related to the Subgenus Acrossus Muls. Entomological Review, 76(9): 1165-1181. Fulltext PDF (9.96 MB)

Abstract—Keys and notes on distribution are given for representatives of 8 subgenera [Heptaulacus Muls., Platyderides A. Schm., Acrossus Muls., Balthasarianus Paul., Nimbus Muls., Serraphodius Kabakov, subgen. n., Stenothorax A. Schm. (=Stenobronchus A. Schm.), Aphodiellus A. Schm.] inhabiting Russia and adjacent countries and combined into a separate group of species with a furrow on gula. New subgenus Serraphodius Kabakov (type species A. circassicus Reitt.), and new species A. (Acrossus) prometheus Kabakov, sp. n., and A. (Platyderides) suvorovi Kabakov, sp. n. are described.

Description of the 3-instar larva of Aphodius bimaculatus

Aphodius bimaculatus, 3-instar larva, head

Frolov, A.V., Akhmetova, L.A. 2006. Description of the Third-instar Larva of Aphodius bimaculatus (Laxmann) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Entomological Review, 86, 433-437. PDF (87.71 KB)

Abstract. Third-instar larva of Aphodius bimaculatus (Laxmann) is described from the material collected in Belarus and compared with other known larvae of the subgenus Aphodius. The larva differs from other species in having convex clypeus with complex sculpture and in colour of the head.