Genus Aegidinus (Scarabaeidae, Orphninae)

Orphninae, Aegidinus brasiliensis

Body small to mid-sized (length 6 mm to 12 mm), reddish brown to dark-brown. Mandibles subsymmetrical. Clypeus with tubercle or horns on anterior margin medially in males, without horn in females. Pronotum variably excavated medially in males, convex to depressed medially in females; anterior margin of pronotum in males with a tubercle or horn medially. Propleurae with carinae separating anterolateral areas from basal area. Scutellum narrowly rounded apically, about 1/15 length of elytra. Elytra convex, with marked humeral umbones, with striae marked with elongated punctures. Wings fully developed. Metepisternon triangular, its posterior angle is rounded to triangular and is situated in the distinct concavity of epipleuron. Anterior tibiae with 3 strong outer teeth in both sexes and with a smaller medial tooth in majority of males. Phallobase tube-shaped with strongly sclerotized ventral side but without differentiation of ventral and dorsal sclerites. Parameres relatively short, with complex shape, asymmetrical in one species, apices without setae...