Taxonomic position of Sissantobius mandibularis

Frolov, A.V. 2005. Taxonomic position of Sissantobius mandibularis (Lansberge) and synonymy of Orphnus over Sissantobius (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Orphninae). Journal of Afrotropical Zoology, 2: 69-72.

Examination of the holotype of Sissantobius mandibularis (Lansberge, 1886) shows that this species shares all the taxonomic characters of the genus Orphnus and is closely related to O. gilleti Benderitter. Synonymy of Orphnus MacLeay over Sissantobius Ritsema is therefore established.

New and little known species of the Afrotropical dung beetle genus Sarophorus

Frolov, A.V. 2004. New and little known species of the afrotropical dung beetle genus Sarophorus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) and a phylogenetic analysis of the genus. Journal of Afrotropical Zoology, 1: 95-100.. PDF (419.53 KB)

Abstract. A new species, Sarophorus angolensis sp. n., is described from Angola. New data on the rarely collected species S. bidentatus Frolov & Scholtz, S. carinatus Frolov & Scholtz, and S. nitidus Frolov & Scholtz are given. Phylogenetic relation­ships of Sarophorus species are studied through cladistic analysis.