A.V. Frolov

New scarab-beetle species from Central Asia and Southern Africa

Figs. 1-13. Aphodius spp. and Orphnus spp.: (1, 6, 11) A. moronensis, sp. n., (2, 7, 9) A. kozlovi, sp. n., (8, 10) A. falcispinis W. Kosh., (3, 4, 13) O. transvaalensis, sp. n., (5, 12) O. harrisoni FrolovFrolov, A.V. 2009. New scarab-beetle species (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae, Orphninae) from Central Asia and Southern Africa. Entomological Review, 89(6): 685-688.

Abstract—Three new scarab-beetle species are described. Aphodius moronensis sp. n. (northern Mongolia) and A. kozlovi sp. n (eastern Tibet) with modified spurs on fore tibiae in males are placed in the falcispinis group of the subgenus Agolius but are similar to the grafi group of the subgenus Chilothorax in the shape of parameres and elytral pattern. The new species differ from A. falcispinis in the shape of the spur; A. moronensis sp. n. also differs in the shape of the body and parameres. Orphnus transvaalensis sp. n. is the second apterous Orphnus species found in Southern Africa. It differs from the closely related O. harrisoni in the shape of parameres, position of the hornlike clypeal process, and in a smaller body size.

New to Russia and little known species of the genus Aphodius

Figs 5–6. Aphodius, general view (male). 5, A. clathratus; 6, A. melanostictus.

Akhmetova, L.A., Frolov, A.V. 2009. New to Russia and little known species of the genus Aphodius Illiger (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 18(2): 278–284.  PDF (476.29 KB)

Abstract. Aphodius (AgoliinusguttatusA. (Chilothoraxclathratus, and A. (Aphodaulacuskizeritskyi are recorded from Russia for the first time. Aphodius (Agoliinusamurensis previously known only from the type locality is found in the Lazo Nature Reserve (Russian Far East). All species are diagnosed and illustrated. Comments on diagnostic characters, distribution and bionomics are given.

New and little known species of Orphnus from the East African Rift

FIGURES 1, 2. Orphnus, habitus of male. Fig. 1—O. planicollis. Fig. 2—O. demeyeri, holotypeFrolov, A.V. 2013. New and little known species of the genus Orphnus MacLeay (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae) from the East African Rift. Zootaxa, 3710(3): 297-300.

The East African Rift, especially Eastern Arc Mountains, are renown for exceptionally high biodiversity and endemism (Olson & Dinerstein 1998, Burgess et al. 2007). About 20 species of the scarab beetle genus Orphnus MacLeay, 1819 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae) were described or recorded from this region (Paulian 1948, Petrovitz 1971) but many of them are still known only from the type series. Orphnus planicollis Petrovitz, 1971, was described from a single male specimen from “Nyassa-Land” with no additional data about this species published until now. Examination of the Orphninae material housed in European museums revealed additional specimens from southern Eastern Arc Mountains...

Revision of the genus Adorodocia endemic to Madagascar

Montreuil, O., Frolov, A.V. 2014. Revision of the genus Adorodocia Brenske 1893 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Rutelinae: Adoretini) endemic to Madagascar. Annales de la Société entomologique de France (NS), 49(4): 460-475.

The Adoretini of the Malagasy endemic genus Adorodocia Brenske 1893 is revised. Fourteen new species and  one  new subspecies are described and  compared with their most closely related species: A. constricta  n.  sp., A. cuccodoroi n. sp., A. flava n. sp., A. liliae n. sp., A. marginata n. sp., A. peyrierasi n. sp., A. pseudoconstricta n. sp., A. pseudoflava n. sp., A. pseudostrigata  n. sp., A. recta  n. sp., A. robusta  n. sp., A. sogai n. sp., A. vadoni n. sp., A. viettei n. sp. and A. vittaticollis flavipes n. ssp. The synonymy between Adoretus strigatus Waterhouse 1878, and Pseudadorodocia  aenigma Arrow 1901, is confirmed. Thus, based on the results of this study, the genus Adorodocia includes 16 species, and one of them is represented by two subspecies. Diagnostic characters to separate the species in the genus deal mostly with the shape of parameres, color of body and legs, shape of pronotum and female eighth tergite, setation of pronotum and elytra. Key to species, diagnoses and distribution for each species are provided. Endophallus and female genitalia are illustrated for the first time for this genus.

Contribution to study of Lower Volga center of scarab beetle diversity in Russia

Figure 1. Fixed sands near Dosang, Astrakhan Province, Russia.Frolov, A. V. & Akhmetova, L. A. 2013. A contribution to the study of the Lower Volga center of scarab beetle diversity in Russia: checklist of the tribe Aphodiini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) of Dosang environs. Biodiversity Data Journal, 1: e979.

The field sampling of the Aphodiini scarab beetles in Dosang environs (Astrakhan Province, European Russia) in 2006–2012 resulted in the collection of 44 species. All but one of them belong to Aphodius Hellwig ( sensu lato). This is apparently the richest recorded local Aphodiini fauna in Russia. The high Aphodiini diversity in the area can be explained by the long vegetative season with high effective heat sum, large livestock providing abundant food resources throughout the year, and location in the transition belt between Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain and Desert floristic districts. The core fauna consists of mesophilous species widely distributed in the Palearctic region and confined to the intrazonal habitats. Other species have ranges mostly limited to the steppe, semidesert, and desert zones.

New species of the Madagascan scarab beetle genus Madecorphnus

Frolov, A. V. 2014. New species of the Madagascan scarab beetle genus Madecorphnus Paulian, 1992 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae). Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS, 318(1): 34-39.

Abstract. Three new species of the scarab beetle genus Madecorphnus, endemic to Madagascar, are described from the material collected by the staff of the California Academy of Sciences. The new species are: M. fisheri sp. nov. (mid-elevation rain forest on the eastern flank of the Anosyenne Mountains, southern Madagascar), M. saintemariensis sp. nov. (coastal forest, Sainte Marie Island, eastern Madagascar), and M. tuberculatus sp. nov. (low elevation rain forest, Betampona Reserve, eastern Madagascar).

Обзор пластинчатоусых жуков трибы Aphodiini фауны России

Рис. 1. Карта распределения относительного видового разнообразия Aphodiini фауны России.Ахметова Л.А., Фролов А.В. 2014. Обзор пластинчатоусых жуков трибы Aphodiini (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) фауны России. Энтомологическое обозрение, 93(2): 403-497. 

Дан аннотированный список 183 видов пластинчатоусых жуков трибы Aphodiini фауны России. Наибольшее видовое разнообразие афодиин характерно для южных горных регионов страны, наиболее богатые локальные фауны известны из Нижнего Поволжья. Максимальное число видов характерно для степной и широколиственной зон, а также для неморальных типов поясности. Основную часть фауны составляют виды с широкими ареалами; 111 видов встречается в двух и более зонах и высотных поясах. Предложено зоогеографическое районирование России на основе кластерного анализа провинциальных фаун Aphodiini. 

Revision of the southern African genus Macroderes Westwood

Frolov, A. V. & Scholtz, C. H. 2005. Revision of the southern African genus Macroderes Westwood (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (N. S.), 40(3-4): 371-391. PDF (1.44 MB)

Abstract – The southern African genus Macroderes Westwood is revised. Six new species, M. amplior n. sp., M. minutus n. sp., M. endroedyi n. sp., M. namakwanus n. sp., M. foveatus n. sp., and M. cornutus n. sp., are described.The neotype of M. bias (Olivier) is designated.Two new synonymies are established: M. pilula Sharp is a junior synonym of M. bias (Olivier), and M. westwoodi Preudhomme de Borre is a junior synonym of M. undulatus Preudhomme de Borre. A key to species and notes on biology and distribution are given.

New and little known species of the Afrotropical dung beetle genus Sarophorus

Frolov, A.V. 2004. New and little known species of the afrotropical dung beetle genus Sarophorus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) and a phylogenetic analysis of the genus. Journal of Afrotropical Zoology, 1: 95-100.. PDF (419.53 KB)

Abstract. A new species, Sarophorus angolensis sp. n., is described from Angola. New data on the rarely collected species S. bidentatus Frolov & Scholtz, S. carinatus Frolov & Scholtz, and S. nitidus Frolov & Scholtz are given. Phylogenetic relation­ships of Sarophorus species are studied through cladistic analysis.