A.V. Frolov

A review of Chilothorax of Mongolia

Frolov, A.V. 2001. A review of the subgenus Chilothorax of the genus Aphodius (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) occuring in Mongolia with description of new species. Vestnik zoologii, 35(3): 39–45. Fulltext PDF (387.58 KB)

The Mongolian species of Aphodius Illiger belonging  to the  subgenus  Chilothorax  Motschulsky are    reviewed.  A. kerzhneri  Nikolajev and A. mongolaltaicus Nikolajev are placed in the subgenus Chilothorax. Two new synonyms (A. altaicus Nikolajev = A. puntsagdulamae Nikolajev, syn. n.; A. grafi Reitter = A. boreomongolicus Nikolajev, syn. n.) are established. Three new species are described. A key to Mongolian species of Chilothorax is presented.

Review of Aphodius subgenera related to Acrossus

Kabakov, O.N. & Frolov, A.V. 1996. A Review of the Beetles of the Genus Aphodius Ill. (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Russia and Adjacent Countries, Related to the Subgenus Acrossus Muls. Entomological Review, 76(9): 1165-1181. Fulltext PDF (9.96 MB)

Abstract—Keys and notes on distribution are given for representatives of 8 subgenera [Heptaulacus Muls., Platyderides A. Schm., Acrossus Muls., Balthasarianus Paul., Nimbus Muls., Serraphodius Kabakov, subgen. n., Stenothorax A. Schm. (=Stenobronchus A. Schm.), Aphodiellus A. Schm.] inhabiting Russia and adjacent countries and combined into a separate group of species with a furrow on gula. New subgenus Serraphodius Kabakov (type species A. circassicus Reitt.), and new species A. (Acrossus) prometheus Kabakov, sp. n., and A. (Platyderides) suvorovi Kabakov, sp. n. are described.

On the larval morphology of two species of Aphodius

Frolov, A.V. 1995. On the larval morphology of two species of Aphodius (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Entomological Review, 74(2): 34-41. Fulltext PDF (2.93 MB)

The principal morphological features of the third instar of Aphodius rectus Motschulsky and A. erraticus Linnaeus are described. These features are the structure and chaetome of the epicranium, structure of mouthparts, and setation of the anal stemite.

A review of the subgenus Chilothorax from Russia and neighboring countries

Frolov, A.V. 2002. A Review of Aphodiines of the Subgenus Chilothorax Motschulsky, Genus Aphodius Illiger (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae), from Russia and Neighboring Countries. Entomological Review, 82(1): 1–18. PDF (662.9 KB)

Abstract — Representatives of the genus Aphodius Ill., subgenus Chilothorax Motsch., of Russia and adjacent countries are reviewed. A key to the species and notes on their synonymy and distribution are given. Two little known species (A. variicolor D. Kosh. and A. balachanicola Balth.) are redescribed and a new species, A. xanthellus sp. n., is described. Three new synonymies (A. clausula W. Kosh., 1910 = A. gussakovskii Sem. et Medv., 1929, syn. n.; A. grafi Reitter, 1902 = A. kryzhanovskii Nikritin, 1969, syn. n.; = A. schutovae Nikritin, 1969, syn. n.) are established.

Stenosternus Karsch, a possible link between Neotropical and Afrotropical Orphninae

1–3 Habitus of males 4 punctation of elytral disc 5 aedeagus in lateral view and parameres in dorsal view 6 serration of medial margins of parameres 7–10 aedeagus in ventral view 1, 4–7 Stenosternus costatus Karsch, holotype 2 Aegidium colombianum Westwood 3 Orphnus macleayi Laporte de Castelnau 8 Hybalus cornifrons (Brullé) 9 Aegidium parvulum Westwood 10 Orphnus compactus Petrovitz.Frolov, A.V. 2013. Stenosternus Karsch, a possible link between Neotropical and Afrotropical Orphninae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). ZooKeys, 335: 33-46.   PDF (2.41 MB)

Abstract. The monotypical orphnine genus Stenosternus Karsch is known from a single specimen of Stenosternus costatus collected on the São Tomé island (Gulf of Guinea). The holotype of Stenosternus costatus Karsch is re-examined and its characters are discussed and illustrated. Although the genus was implicitly placed by Paulian (1984) in the Old World tribe Orphnini Erichson, re-examination of the holotype of Stenosternus costatus shows that it has characters similar to those of the members of the New World tribe Aegidiini Paulian. Placement of Stenosternus in the Aegidiini is supported by the metepisternum widened posteriorly (forming posterior metepisternal lock for closed elytra) and a keel separating basal and anterolateral parts of propleurae. Relationships of Stenosternus with other orphnine taxa and possible ways of origin of São Toméan orphnine fauna are discussed.

Little known Orphninae collected by the Madagascan expeditions

Frolov A.V. 2013. Little known Orphninae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) collected by the Madagascan expeditions of the California Academy of Sciences. Biodiversity Data Journal, 1, e1016.  PDF (462.44 KB) Figure 2. Madecorphnus falcatus Paulian, male, habitus.

New locality records for Madecorphnus niger Frolov, 2010, M. falcatus Paulian, 1992, M. simplex Frolov, 2010, and Triodontus itremoi Paulian, 1977, are given. Endophallus armature of M. niger Frolov, 2010, is described and illustrated.

Revision of the Madagascan genus Madecorphnus

Figures 1-19. Madecorphnus spp. Figures 1-19. Madecorphnus spp. 1 – habitus and scheme of chaetotaxy, 2-7 – head, 8-19 – aedeagus in lateral view and parameres in dorsal view. 1, 9 - M. montreuili sp. n., 2, 12 - M. punctatus sp. n., 3, 8 – M. falculoides, 4, 10 - M. pauliani sp. n., 5, 14 – M. falcatus, 6, 18 - M. perinetensis sp. n., 7, 19 - M. peyrierasi sp. n., 13 - M. dentatus sp. n., 15 - M. simplex sp. n., 16 – M. falciger, 17 - M. brunneus sp. n

Frolov, A.V. 2010. Revision of the Madagascan genus Madecorphnus Paulian (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Orphninae). Journal of Natural History, 44, 1095-1111.

Abstract — A scarab beetle genus, Madecorphnus Paulian, endemic to Madagascar, is revised. Nine new species are described: M. brunneus sp. n., M. dentatus sp. n., M. montreuili sp. n., M. niger sp. n., M. pauliani sp. n., M. perinetensis sp. n., M. peyrierasi sp. n., M. punctatus sp. n., M. simplex sp. n. Diagnosis of the genus is clarified. Distribution map and a diagnostic key to all species are presented.

A new species of scarab beetle, Madecorphnus cuccodoroi from northern Madagascar

Madecorphnus  cuccodoroi Frolov dorsal habitus

Frolov, A.V. 2010. A new species of scarab beetle, Madecorphnus cuccodoroi (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae), from northern Madagascar. Zootaxa, 2531, 64-68.

Abstract. Madecorphnus cuccodoroi Frolov, sp. n. is described from specimens collected in indigenous forest in Amber Mountain National Park, northern Madagascar. The new species differs from the similar species M. peyrierasi Frolov and M. perinetensis Frolov in the shape of the parameres and internal sac armature.

Size correlation between larvae and adults in Aphodius

Scatter diagram and regression line

Frolov, A. V. & Akhmetova, L. A. 2005. Size correlation between larvae and adults in Aphodius (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Bulletin de l'Institute Royal des sciences naturelles de Belgique, Entomologie, 75: 321-324. Fulltext PDF (199.22 KB)

Correlation between simple averages of 4 measurements of adults (separately for males and females) and 2 measurements of third-instar larvae was studied in 19 Palearctic species of dung beetle genus Aphodius Illiger. The greatest correlation (r=0.973) is found between head width of larvae (HWL) and elytra width of male beetles (EWM). The equation (HWL = 0.26 + 0.54 × EWM) can be used as an additional tool for rapid larval identification.