A.V. Frolov

Revision of Coptorhina

Figures 1-8. Coptorhina spp. 1 – lateral view of body; 2-6 – head and pronotum in dorsal view; 7, 8 – pronotum in dorsal view. 1, 2 - C. auspicata; 3 - C. nitidipennis; 4 - C. excavata sp. n; 5 - C. nitefacta; 6 - C. klugii; 7 - C. angolensis;8 - C. davidi. Figures are not to scale.

Frolov, A.V., Akhmetova, L.A. & Scholtz, C.H. 2008. Revision of the obligate mushroom-feeding African “dung beetle”genus Coptorhina Hope (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae). Journal of Natural History, 42, 1477-1508.

The African genus Coptorhina Hope is revised. Nine new synonymies are established which reduces the number of valid names from 15 to six. One new species is also described. The name changes are the following: C. subaenea Janssens, C. bicolor Ancey, C. pygmaea Balthasar, and C. saganicola Müller are considered junior synonyms of C. nitidipennis Boheman; C. africana Hope, C. vicina Péringuey, C. obtusicornis Boheman, C. punctata Ferreira and C. optata Péringuey are considered junior synonyms of C. klugii Hope. The new species, C. excavata sp. n., is described from southern Africa. A key to the species and notes on biology are given.

A new species of the Madagascan genus Pseudorphnus

Figures 1–8. Pseudorphnus, habitus, head, pronotum. P. carinatus (1, 2, 5, 6), P. olsoufieffi (3, 4, 7, 8). Scale = 1 mm. Arrow in Fig. 6 indicates transverse ridge and arrow in Fig. 8 indicates conical tubercle.Frolov, A.V. 2011. A new species of the Madagascan genus Pseudorphnus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae). Zootaxa, 2012. 2836: 65-68.

Pseudorphnus carinatus new species is described from northern Madagascar (Antsiranana Province). Males of the new species differ from other species of the genus in having a long (about 8/10 the width of clypeus) transverse ridge near anterior margin of the clypeus.

Diagnosis, classification, and phylogenetic relationships of the orphnine scarab beetles

Fig. 1. Orphnus spp. and Allidiostoma spp.

Frolov, A.V. 2012. Diagnosis, classification, and phylogenetic relationships of the orphnine scarab beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae: Orphninae). Entomological Review, 92, 782-797. PDF (1.07 MB)

Abstract — Orphnine scarab beetles (Orphninae) are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of southern continents except for Australia. Catalogue of nominal taxa of orphnines includes 2 tribes, 15 genera, and 193 species. Diagnosis of the group, based on adult morphological characters, is as follows: antennae 10-segmented with 3-segmented club; mandibles with 2-4 scissorial teeth and well developed mola; labrum and mandibles protruding past clypeus and can be seen from above; scutellum well developed in winged species, reduced but distinct in wingless species; wings with distinct anal area; apices of anterior tibia in males without spur but normally with a few robust setae; anterior coxa with longitudinal hollow on anterior surface; tarsi with 2 similar claws; middle and hind tibiae with 2 apical spurs; 2 abdominal sternite with sub-triangular to rounded plectrum; dorsal surface of hind coxae with oval flat stridulatory file; pygidium partly hidden under elytra; parameres symmetrical; ...

Species of the subgenus Bodilus (genus Aphodius) from Russia and adjacent countries

Aphodius (Bodilus)

Frolov, A.V. 2001. Species of the subgenus Bodilus (genus Aphodius) from Russia and adjacent countries (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 10, 89–95. Fulltext PDF (516.32 KB)

Species of the subgenus Bodilus Mulsant et Rey (genus Aphodius), of Russia and adjacent countries are reviewed and keyed. Two new species are described: A. zarudnyi sp. n. (Iran) and A. inylchekensis sp. n. (Kirgizia). Three new synonymies are established: Bodilus Mulsant et Rey, 1869 = Paramelinopterus Rakovič, 1984, syn. n., A. lugens Creutzer, 1799 = A. apiceopacus Petrovitz, 1959, syn. n., A. punctipennis Erichson, 1848 = A. vartiani Petrovitz, 1965, syn. n.

Description of the 3-instar larva of Aphodius bimaculatus

Aphodius bimaculatus, 3-instar larva, head

Frolov, A.V., Akhmetova, L.A. 2006. Description of the Third-instar Larva of Aphodius bimaculatus (Laxmann) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Entomological Review, 86, 433-437. PDF (87.71 KB)

Abstract. Third-instar larva of Aphodius bimaculatus (Laxmann) is described from the material collected in Belarus and compared with other known larvae of the subgenus Aphodius. The larva differs from other species in having convex clypeus with complex sculpture and in colour of the head.

A new genus of Orphninae from Madagascar

Figs 1-5. Renorphnus clementi. 1, 2 – general view (1 – male, 2 – female); 3 – parameres in dorsal view; 4 – aedeagus in lateral view; 5 – internal sac of aedeagus.

Frolov, A.V., Montreuil, O. 2009. A new genus of Orphninae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Madagascar. Zoosystematica Rossica, 18, 65-69. PDF (2.69 MB)

Abstract — A new genus, Renorphnus gen. n, is established for Madagascar species Orphnus clementi Petrovitz. The new genus differs in distinctive shape of anterior tibiae of male, shape of clypeus, pronotum with 2 more or less prominent tubercles in both sexes, and in widened and pectinate setae on costal margin of wings. O. clementi is redescribed. Diagnostic key to Madagascar Orphninae genera is given.

Three new species of Madecorphnus

Madecorphnus hanskii

Frolov, A.V. 2012. Three new species of scarab beetle genus Madecorphnus Paulian, 1992 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae) from Madagascar. Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS, 316, 159–165.  PDF (439.31 KB)

Abstract — Three new species of the scarab beetle genus Madecorphnus Paulian, 1992, endemic to Madagascar, are described and their characters are illustrated. The new species are: M. hanskii sp. n. (Ambohitantely special reserve, central plateau), M. aquilonius sp. n. (Northern Madagascar), and M. barclayi sp. n. (Masoala Peninsula, North-Eastern Madagascar). Distribution maps are presented.

Larval morphology of Aphodius sus and A. variicolor

Aphodius sus

Frolov, A.V. 2009. Larval morphology of Aphodius sus (Herbst) and A. variicolor Koshantschikov (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Zootaxa, 2169, 45–54.

Morphological descriptions and illustrations are presented for third-instar larvae of two species of the scarab beetle genus Aphodius Illiger: Aphodius (Heptaulacus) sus (Herbst) and A. (Chilothorax) variicolor Koshantschikov. These descriptions are based on material collected in European Russia. Larvae were collected from the soil with no association to dung although the adults of the same species normally occur in horse dung. Characters of the larvae are compared with those of described larvae of other species.