Genus Coptorhina (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Coptorhina klugii

Among the other genera of Sarophorus group, species of Coptorhina are readily recognized by a combination of two characters: (1) metepisternon somewhat rectangular, widest in its hind part, with secondary suture and very convex epipleural margin; (2) bidentate clypeus. Coptorhina shares the first character with the genus Delopleurus Erichson and it is probably a synapomorphy of the two genera. Delopleurus, however, can be easily separated by having a quadridentate clypeus. Males with weakly developed clypeal processes and females of some larger species of Frankenbergerius Balthasar are similar to species of Coptorhina...

Revision of Coptorhina

Figures 1-8. Coptorhina spp. 1 – lateral view of body; 2-6 – head and pronotum in dorsal view; 7, 8 – pronotum in dorsal view. 1, 2 - C. auspicata; 3 - C. nitidipennis; 4 - C. excavata sp. n; 5 - C. nitefacta; 6 - C. klugii; 7 - C. angolensis;8 - C. davidi. Figures are not to scale.

Frolov, A.V., Akhmetova, L.A. & Scholtz, C.H. 2008. Revision of the obligate mushroom-feeding African “dung beetle”genus Coptorhina Hope (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae). Journal of Natural History, 42, 1477-1508.

The African genus Coptorhina Hope is revised. Nine new synonymies are established which reduces the number of valid names from 15 to six. One new species is also described. The name changes are the following: C. subaenea Janssens, C. bicolor Ancey, C. pygmaea Balthasar, and C. saganicola Müller are considered junior synonyms of C. nitidipennis Boheman; C. africana Hope, C. vicina Péringuey, C. obtusicornis Boheman, C. punctata Ferreira and C. optata Péringuey are considered junior synonyms of C. klugii Hope. The new species, C. excavata sp. n., is described from southern Africa. A key to the species and notes on biology are given.