Revision of the subgenus Orphnus (Phornus)

Fig. 1. Orphnus (Phornus) spp. A–M. O. giganteus. N. O. renaudi. O. O. ferrierei. P. O. valeriae. Q. O. parastrangulatus. R. O. strangulatus.

Frolov, A. V. & Akhmetova, L. A. 2016. Revision of the subgenus Orphnus (Phornus) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Orphninae). European Journal of Taxonomy 241: 1–20

The Afrotropical subgenus Phornus Paulian of the genus Orphnus Macleay is revised and currently comprises six species. Four new species are described: Orphnus renaudi, Orphnus valeriae,Orphnus ferrierei,and Orphnus parastrangulatus. The subgenus is characterized by the coarse stridulatory field, sclerotized plate on the second abdominal sternite near plectrum, absence of the pronotal lateral processes in males, rounded apices of the parameres and endophallus without armature, although some of these characters differ in O. giganteus. Symphysocery is reported for the first time for members of the Orphninae. In O. giganteus, the majority of specimens have malformed antennomeres. Four of the six species of Phornus are brachypterous and all species except for O. giganteus Paulian are known only from males. A key to Phornus species and a map of their localities are provided.