A review of Chilothorax of Mongolia

Frolov, A.V. 2001. A review of the subgenus Chilothorax of the genus Aphodius (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) occuring in Mongolia with description of new species. Vestnik zoologii, 35(3): 39–45. Fulltext PDF (387.58 KB)

The Mongolian species of Aphodius Illiger belonging  to the  subgenus  Chilothorax  Motschulsky are    reviewed.  A. kerzhneri  Nikolajev and A. mongolaltaicus Nikolajev are placed in the subgenus Chilothorax. Two new synonyms (A. altaicus Nikolajev = A. puntsagdulamae Nikolajev, syn. n.; A. grafi Reitter = A. boreomongolicus Nikolajev, syn. n.) are established. Three new species are described. A key to Mongolian species of Chilothorax is presented.