Aegidiellus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Orphninae, Aegidiellus alatus

Genus Aegidiellus Paulian, 1984


Type species: Phileurus alatus Laporte de Castelnau, by monotypy.


Body mid-sized (length about 10 mm), brown to dark-brown. Mandibles subsymmetrical. Clypeus without tubercles, horns or ridges. Pronotum with deep excavation in the middle, two horns bordering the excavation near anterior margin, and with a tubercle medially on the anterior margin in most males; females with pronotum impressed anteriorly on disc and with a tubercle medially on the anterior margin. Propleurae with carinae separating anterolateral areas from basal area. Scutellum narrowly rounded apically, about 1/10 length of elytra. Elytra convex, with marked humeral umbones. Wings fully developed. Metepisternon triangular, its posterior angle rounded to triangular and situated in the distinct concavity of epipleuron. Middle coxal cavities connected by a hole. Anterior tibiae with 3 strong outer teeth in both sexes and with a smaller medial tooth in majority of males. Phallobase is tube-shaped with strongly sclerotized ventral side but without differentiation of ventral and dorsal sclerites. Parameres with relatively wide apices curved downwards and setose.

Species composition. One species is known.

Distribution. Described from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). Probably its distribution is limited to the Atlantic forest ecoregion.


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