Aegidinus colbyae Frolov, Akhmetova & Vaz-de-Mello 


Original description:  Frolov et al., 2019

Type locality: Peru, Loreto, Iquitos, Sachamama.

Type depository: CEMT.

Diagnosis. Ae. colbyae is most similar to Ae. brasiliensis Arrow and Ae. howeae Colby but can be separated from them by the dorsal processes of the parameres being carina-shaped, while this process is tooth or spur-shaped in Ae. brasiliensis and Ae. howeae.

Distribution. The species is known from a single locality in Peru: Loreto, Iquitos, Sachamama.


Frolov A. V., Akhmetova L. A., Vaz-de-Mello F. Z. 2019. Contribution to the knowledge of Aegidinus Arrow (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae): new species and comments on the classification and nomenclature. Journal of Natural History. 53 (11-12): 725-747.

Aegidinus colbyae Frolov, Akhmetova & Vaz-de-Mello, 2019

Aegidinus colbyae, male



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