Genus Goniorphnus (Scarabaeidae, Orphninae)

Orphninae, Goniorphnus felschei

Genus Goniorphnus Arrow, 1911



Type species: Goniorphnus felschei Arrow, 1911, by monotypy.



Middle-sized beetles (length 9.5–11.5 mm). Color uniformly dark brown to black. Clypeus with more or less pronounced horn in males, without horn in females. Mandibles with angulate lateral margin. Pronotum with 4 tubercles in males, convex in females. Elytra convex, without ridges, punctures mark elytral stria on disc. Anterior tibiae with 3 strong outer teeth. Lateral margin basad of outer teeth not crenulated. Middle and posterior legs similar in shape; posterior femora and tibiae about 1/8 longer than middle ones. Phallobase with membranous ventral side. Except for the absence of clypeal horn and pronotal tubercles, females differ from males in having a spur on protibia.

Species composition. Only one species is known.

Distribution. The genus is distributed in West Africa with majority of localities originate from Atlantic Equatorial coastal forest ecoregion.


Arrow, G. J. (1911) On lamellicorn beetles belonging to the subfamilies Ochodaeinae, Orphninae, Hybosorinae and Troginae. The Annals and Magazine of natural History, including Zoology, Botany and Geology, 8, 390-397.

Schmidt, A. (1913) Coleoptera. Lamellicornia. Fam. Scarabaeidae. Subfam. Aegialinae, Chironinae, Dynamopinae, Hybosorinae, Idiostominae, Ochodaeinae, Orphninae (Vol. 150). Bruxelles: V. Verteneuil & L. Desmet.