Genus Paraegidium (Scarabaeidae, Orphninae)

Orphninae, Paraegidium costalimai

Paraegidium Vulcano, Pereira, et Martínez, 1966


Type species: Paraegidium costalimai Vulcano, Pereira, et Martínez, by monotypy.


Body about 8 mm long, brown to dark-brown. Mandibles subsymmetrical. Clypeus with protruding horn-like anterior angles in males, somewhat rectangular, with slightly upturned anterior margin in females. Pronotum excavated medially, with 2 ridges aside the excavation in males, slightly depressed medially in females. Propleurae with carinae separating anterolateral areas from basal area. Scutellum narrowly rounded apically, about 1/10 length of elytra. Elytra convex, with marked humeral umbones, without distinct striae or carinae, densely punctate with U-shaped punctures. Wings fully developed. Metepisternon triangular, its posterior angle somewhat triangular and is situated in the distinct concavity of epipleuron. Anterior tibiae with 3 strong outer teeth in both sexes. Phallobase tube-shaped with strongly sclerotized ventral side but without differentiation of ventral and dorsal sclerites. Parameres relatively long, apices without setae.

Paraegidium species can easily be distinguished from other members of the Aegidiini by the dense, irregular punctation and dense pubescence of the dorsal side of the body and by a bilobate or bifurcated anterior clypeal process in males. 

Species composition. Six species are known.

Distribution. The genus range covers most of the central part of South America from Guiana Shield in the north to the Peruvian Yungas in the west and to Serra do Mar escarpments in the south-east. The majority of the localities lie within the Brazilian Plateau.


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