Genus Pseudorphnus (Scarabaeidae, Orphninae)

Orphninae, Pseudorphnus hiboni

Genus Pseudorphnus Benderitter, 1913


Type species: Orphnus coquerelii Fairmaire, 1868, by monotypy.


Body small to mid-sized (length 6.5 mm to 13 mm), brown to dark-brown. Mandibles subsymmetrical. Clypeus with rounded anterior margin, with tubercle or longitudinal ridge in males; females have clypeus without tubercles or ridges. Pronotum with deep excavation in the middle and with two horns or ridges bordering excavation near anterior margin in males; females with pronotum convex or slightly impressed anteromedially. Propleurae smoothly convex, without carinae separating anterolateral areas from basal area. Scutellum triangular, narrowly rounded apically, about 1/10 length of elytra. Elytra convex, with feebly marked humeral umbones. Sculpture of elytron varies. Wings fully developed. Metepisternon triangular, tapering caudally, with slightly widened anterodorsal angle slightly overlapping epypleuron. Anterior tibiae with 2 strong outer teeth and a small one located basally. Phallobase strongly sclerotized dorsally and with a thin membrane ventrally. Parameres relatively long, apices tapering or curved downwards, without setae. Internal sac of aedeagus with species specific armature.

Species composition. Four species are known.

Distribution. Madagascar. The species are distributed chiefly along the eastern slopes of the escarpment corresponding to the distribution of the Malagasy tropical wet forests.


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