In Memory of Kabakov

Frolov, A.V., Koval, A.G., Lapo, A.V., Yanushev, V.V., Kataev, B.M., Volkovitsh, M.G., Korotyaev, B.A. 2011. In memory of O. N. Kabakov (1928–2009). Entomological Review, 91, 937-946.

Original Russian Text: Фролов, А. В., Коваль, А. Г., Лапо, А. В., Янушев, В. В., Катаев, Б. М., Волкович, М. Г., Коротяев, Б.А. 2011. Памяти О. Н. Кабакова (1928–2009). Энтомологическое обозрение, 90(2): 476-488.

DOI: 10.1134/S0013873811070141

In Memory of O. N. Kabakov (1928–2009)

A.V. Frolov, A. G. Koval, A.V. Lapo, V.V. Yanushev, B. M. Kataev, M. G. Volkovitsh, and B. A. KorotyaevO.N. Kabakov

Oleg Nikolaevich Kabakov, a prominent Russian geologist and entomologist, died 26 October, 2009 in St. Petersburg.

Oleg Nikolaevich was born on September 11, 1928 in Leningrad, in a workers’ family. As a child, he already showed interest in nature. His parents supported their son’s enthusiasm and when he was 11, they presented him a children’s microscope. Next year, equipped with an entomological net and a hammer, Oleg went to Sablino Village (Leningrad Province) to collect insects, fossil shells, and minerals; his way to entomology and geology started. Subsequently, the common hammer was replaced by a geologist's pick, and the toy microscope, by the polarized and binocular ones. Professionally, Oleg Nikolaevich devoted most of his life to geology, whereas all his free time was given to the study of insects, mainly beetles. He said that if his life had turned out differently and entomology was his profession he would have devoted all his free time to collecting and studying minerals. Oleg Nikolaevich never got higher education; he attained only geology prospecting courses and then, refresher courses. In geology, as in biology, he was self-taught, a kind of nugget, and a lack of systemic education compensated for self-education. Oleg Nikolaevich was a really talented and very enthusiastic person; his world view was based on respect for and love of nature.

In 1950, Oleg Nikolaevich started working in the Far East expedition of the All-Union Aerogeological Trust (AUAT). Three years later he carried out his first independent survey in the Sikhote-Alin, already working at the All-Union Geological Research Institute (AUGRI).

High point of O.N. Kabakov was September 11, 1955, when the young geologist, on his birthday, discovered outcrops of a powerful tin ore bed in the Miao-Chan Range in the lower Amur basin, in the forest glade which had been repeatedly examined before. Already next year preparations for mining operations started in the virgin taiga, and soon a city arose there which was named Solnechny after the name of the deposit, suggested by Oleg Nikolaevich

For his discovery of the Solnechny deposits O.N. Kabakov was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1963 and the Lenin Prize in 1964.

From 1957 to 1961, Oleg Nikolaevich worked in the Far East as head of a group of prospecting parties and surprised his geologist colleagues by his inconceivable intuition in the searching for ores. In 1961, he was sent on a three-year trip to Vietnam as a talented prospector. He saw this trip mostly as an opportunity to collect insects, yet doing his duty at the same time, Oleg Nikolaevich discovered many deposits of tin, mercury, beryllium, molybdenum, and other mineral resources in North Vietnam, for which he was granted an audience by Ho Chi Minh. Oleg Nikolaevich cherished the special certificate issued in memory of this event.

From 1969 to 1973 Oleg Nikolaevich worked in Afghanistan as leader of a geological party. There he also looked for tin and rare metals, which, to cite his characteristic from the VSEGEI archives, “resulted in discovery of a number of deposits and new tin-bearing areas.” For prospecting work in Afghanistan Oleg Nikolaevich was nominated for the royal order, but the coup d’état which happened in that country in 1973 prevented him from receiving this high award. Of course, while working in Afghanistan he collected marvelous material of insects.

From 1974 and until his retirement in 1989, Oleg Nikolaevich worked in the VSEGEI as a senior engineer and then senior researcher. During this period, besides taking part in expeditions in the territory of the former USSR (mainly in the Far East) he went to Laos twice where, as usual, he combined geological prospecting with insect collection. His enthusiasm infected Oleg Nikolaevich’s colleagues, friends and many geologists also collected beetles for him during the expeditions.

O.N. Kabakov always emphasized that he was a practical geologist. In the opinion of his geologist friends nobody could equal him in the knowledge of deposits of rare metals, especially tin. His contribution to the development of the mineral resource base of the Russian Far East, Vietnam, and Afghanistan is immense. In the Far East the tin deposit Solnechny will long remain a memorial to him. His portrait hangs at the entrance of the Museum of Natural History in Solnechny.

Still, the first love of Oleg Nikolaevich was the study of insects, mainly coleopterans. His beetle collection which he made wherever he might have been thrown by fate became one of the largest private collections in the country. Beetles were his favorite group, but he diligently and professionally collected many other insects.

It is not easy to measure the amount of material collected by Oleg Nikolaevich. According to his own estimates, he brought over 200 000 specimens of more than 7000 species of insects from Vietnam alone; nobody had collected so large a collection in Vietnam and maybe across the whole of Southeast Asia before. Valuable material was also collected in Afghanistan, Laos, the Russian Far East, and other regions. These collections provided material for numerous studies performed by both Oleg Nikolaevich himself and many Russian and foreign researchers. Thus, of 80 species of buprestid beetles collected by Oleg Nikolaevich in Afghanistan (where about 110 species are presently known), 15 species and 4 subspecies proved to be new to science, and 33 species were found by him in this country for the first time.

Collection did not have the prior value for Oleg Nikolaevich: knowledge was his goal. He eagerly donated his specimens when he saw that they were of interest to other specialists. For many years he collected beetles in Leningrad Province, knew the local fauna and habits of many beetle species including rare ones very well.

The number of new taxa described from O.N. Kabakov’s collections is difficult to estimate. He himself described 117 new taxa (including 3 genera and 7 subgenera); these are mainly species from the lamellicorn tribe Onthophagini. Two genera (Kabakovia Kirejtshuk from the family Nitidulidae and Kabakoviella Kaszab from the family Tenebrionidae), 122 species, and 2 subspecies of insects were named in his honor.

For many decades O.N. Kabakov was associated with the Laboratory of Insect Systematics, the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIN), where he had many friends and where he came weekly (usually on Wednesdays) to work with collections, exchange news with colleagues and borrow the necessary literature from the library. In spite of numerous offers from other countries to buy his collection Oleg Nikolaevich always intended to give it to the Zoological Institute and several years before his demise he handed it over to the institute for a modest reward. O.N. Kabakov’s collection has become one of the most valuable acquisitions during the last decades; in its value for the Department of Coleoptera it can be compared with that of P.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky and A.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky. The coleopterists of the Laboratory of Insect Systematics are faced with elaborate work of cataloguing and integration of this collection into the general repository. The material includes not only specimens collected by Oleg Nikolaevich himself but also those obtained by him in exchange or presented to him by specialists. Lamellicorn beetles constitute a considerable part of the collection, and with this addition, the ZIN collection probably exceeds all other Russian collections taken together in the number of species and specimens.

O.N. Kabakov made an invaluable contribution to the development of Russian entomology, both as a field researcher who discovered many new species and as a world-level expert on lamellicorn beetles. He published 40 works on entomology, a considerable part being devoted to the taxonomy of dung beetles of the tribe Onthophagini, a difficult group of lamellicorns. The main result of Oleg Nikolaevich’s work in entomology is development of the system of the huge and worldwide distributed genus Onthophagus (sensu lato) comprising over 2000 species. He also revised the genera Scarabaeus and Chironitis of the fauna of Russia and adjacent countries.

As most talented taxonomists, Oleg Nikolaevich was an excellent draughtsman and always illustrated his publications himself. The sharp eye of an inborn taxonomist and broad-mindedness helped him catch at once the main differences between taxa which often escaped notice of other specialists.

The main entomological publication of O.N. Kabakov was the monograph Lamellicorn Beetles of the Subfamily Scarabaeinae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) of the Fauna of Russia and Adjacent Countries. Oleg Nikolaevich was preparing it as a volume for The Fauna of the USSR series and the preliminary variant was completed by the end of the 1990s; however, the publication was put off indefinitely as hard times came for the Russian science. The monograph was published only in 2006, though in another series. This book with more than 370 pages contains comprehensive data on all the species of Scarabaeinae of the former USSR and on many species from adjacent territories. It is illustrated by over 1000 original drawings and is a valuable manual on the taxonomy of this group. More than 300 species can be reliably identified with the excellent keys included.

Though O.N. Kabakov was known among Russian and foreign entomologists mainly as an expert on lamellicorn beetles, his scientific interests were much wider. A number of his publications is devoted to straight-snouted weevils (Brentidae), jewel beetles (Buprestidae), longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae), velvet ants (Mutillidae), and some other insects. In recent years, Oleg Nikolaevich worked on identification of click beetles (Elateridae) from Southeast Asia, but unfortunately he could not complete the study of this part of his collection.

Oleg Nikolaevich had a comprehensive knowledge of the whole variety of beetle families and knew well many of them, which is rarely met among entomologists, usually specializing on their particular groups. He was the first to notice a beetle specimen collected in the Far East, which was subsequently described as a representative of a separate family Decliniidae. His apartment was visited by young and experienced entomologists from many parts of Russia, the former Soviet republics, and other foreign countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Canada, etc.), who asked him for advice or help with identification of their material. The Kabakovs’ home was a sort of a laboratory where the visiting entomologists spent many hours, and those who came from afar could even spend a night in the house of the hospitable host.

Oleg Nikolaevich did not like official events and was never a member of any political party. As a genuine researcher, he felt at home only in the wilderness or at his working table. It is a sincere love for nature and passion of a researcher in conjunction with hard work, humility, and ever-present responsiveness which led him to outstanding scientific achievements.

Oleg Nikolaevich was not an ambitious person, did not strive for high titles and position. Completely wrapped up in scientific studies, he paid no attention to such trifles. His real merit and practical benefit which he yielded primarily to Russian geology were so evident that rewards and distinctions found him themselves.

When meeting with his friends and colleagues, Oleg Nikolaevich often told vivid stories about his travels, the places where he had been on expeditions, and his numerous findings. Based on some of these stories, he published several essays in popular magazines. Oleg Nikolaevich wrote a book about his adventures and discoveries, entitled With a Hammer and Net. Travel Notes of a Geologist and Entomologist. The book was published in 2008. Unfortunately, only 300 copies were printed so it became available only to his closest friends and colleagues. The original title was actually With a Net and Hammer. Travel Notes of an Entomologist and Geologist, but it was changed since the book was published by the VSEGEI, a geological institution. This shows that entomology was the first love of Oleg Nikolaevich since childhood and until the end of his life.

During his last years of life O.N. Kabakov stayed at home because of his illness, yet his relations with his entomologist colleagues were always maintained. Till his last day Oleg Nikolaevich continued working with his collections, though his weakening sight allowed him to work only with relatively large specimens.

However hard his life was he never complained to anybody. In answer to his friends’ questions about his health he only waved his hand and immediately began talking about the case.

O.N. Kabakov is remembered as a modest, enthusiastic, optimistic personality and an excellent specialist, and his name will remain in the history of entomology and geology forever.



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Hemictenius kabakovi Gusakov, 1998

Lasiopsis kabakovi Nikolajev, 1976

Madotrogus kabakovi Nikolajev, 1976

Onthophagus kabakovi Martin-Piera, 1986

Pectinichelus kabakovi Nikolajev, 1976


Bolbogonium kabakovi Nikolajev, 1976


Odontotrypes kabakovi Nikolajev, 2007


Pseudopodabrus kabakovi Wittmer, 1983

Rhagonycha kabakovi Kazantsev, 1994

Themus kabakovi Wittmer, 1979


Dihammatus kabakovi Kazantsev, 1993

Lycostomus kabakovi Kazantsev, 1993


Acmaeodera kabakovi Volkovitsh, 1990

Agrilus kabakovi Alexeev, 1992

Aphanisticus kabakovi Kalashian, 1993

Chrysobothris kabakovi Alexeev, 1991

Julodis kabakovi Alexeev, 1990

Meliboeus kabakovi Alexeev, 1992


Trichodes kabakovi Melnik, 2004


Cardiohypnus kabakovi Dolin, 1992

Liotrichus kabakovi Gurjeva, 1986


Melanotus kabakovi Gurjeva, 1990


Mosotalesus kabakovi Gurjeva, 1989

Family NITIDULIDAE Genus Kabakovia Kirejtshuk, 1979

Aethina kabakovi Kirejtshuk, 1986

Cryptarchopria kabakowi Kirejtshuk, 1979

Meligethinus kabakovi Kirejtshuk, 1980

Pocadius kabakovi Kirejtshuk, 1984


Corticaria kabakovi Saluk, 1992

Corticarina kabakovi Saluk, 1992


Aspidimerus kabakovi Hoang, 1982

Henosepilachna kabakovi Hoang, 1977

Scymnus kabakovi Hoang, 1982

Sticholotis kabakovi Hoang, 1982

Family TENEBRIONIDAE Genus Kabakoviella Kaszab, 1980

Bioramix kabakovi L. Egorov, 1990

Bradymerus kabakovi Kaszab, 1980

Catomus kabakovi Nabozhenko, 2007

Derispia kabakovi Kaszab, 1980

Dichillus kabakovi G. Medvedev, 2008

Eurycaulus kabakovi G. Medvedev, 1974

Lasiostola kabakovi G. Medvedev, 1993

Leptodes kabakovi G. Medvedev, 1997

Nalassus kabakovi Nabozhenko, 2010

Necrobioides kabakovi Kaszab, 1980

Prosodes kabakovi G. Medvedev, 1999

Pseudethas kabakovi G. Medvedev, 2008

Psydus kabakovi Kaszab, 1980

Scolytocaulus kabakovi Kaszab, 1980


Lytta kabakovi Kaszab, 1981


Noeconia kabakovi S. Murzin, 1988

Protaxis kabakovi S. Murzin, 1983

Purpuricenus kabakovi Miroshnikov et Lobanov, 1990


Adiscus kabakovi L. Medvedev et Samoderzhenkov, 1987

Callispa kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1992

Chaetocnema kabakovi Lopatin, 1995

Chlamysus kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1968

Chrysolina kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1966

Colaspoides kabakovi L. Medvedev, 2004

Coptocephala kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1978

Cryptocephalus kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1978

Hyphasis kabakovi L. Medvedev, 2008

Lema kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1985

Luperocida kabakovi L. Medvedev et Dang Dap, 1981

Mimastra kabakovi L. Medvedev, 2009

Macrocoma kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1985

Monolepta kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1985

Monolepta kabakovi L. Medvedev, 2005

Oomorphoides kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1968

Phaedon kabakovi Lopatin, 1998

Pyrrhalta kabakovi Samoderzhenkov, 1988

Scrophoomorphus kabakovi L. Medvedev, 1968

Vietocerus kabakovi Lopatin, 2003


Aspidobyctiscus kabakovi Legalov, 2007

Mirabrhynchites kabakovi Legalov, 2003

Proelautobius kabakovi Legalov, 2007

Pseudodeporaus kabakovi Legalov, 2003

Zherichiniletus kabakovi Legalov, 2003


Parasynatops kabakovi Legalov, 2003


Aspidapion kabakovi Korotyaev, 1985

Pseudopiezotrachelus kabakovi Korotyaev, 1987


Afghanocleonus kabakovi Ter-Minassian, 1976

Cyphosenus kabakovi Korotyaev, 1981

Indohypurus kabakovi Korotyaev, 1981

Limnobaris kabakovi Korotyaev, 1982

Magdalis kabakovi Barrios, 1984

Mecysmoderes kabakovi Korotyaev, 1989

Rhinoncus kabakovi Korotyaev, 1980


Scolytoplatypus pubescens kabakovi Axentjev, 1992


Pseudophoraspis kabakovi Anisyutkin, 1999

Rhabdoblatta kabakovi Bei-Bienko, 1969


Tugainus dreuxi kabakovi Gorochov, 1986


Diplatys kabakovi Anisyutkin, 1997


Cixidia kabakovi Emeljanov, 2005


Agatharchus kabakovi Belousova, 1999


Nuristanilla kabakovi Lelej, 1980

Pseudophotopsis kabakovi Lelej, 1980