Two new synonyms for Aphodius koltzei

Frolov, A.V. 2008. Two new synonyms for Aphodius koltzei (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 17(1): 100. 

Two new synonyms for Aphodius koltzei (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

A.V. Frolov


Examination of the type specimens of Aphodius kurenzovi Nikritin, 1969 and A. medvedevi Nikritin, 1969, described from Primorskiy Terr., showed that they cannot be distinguished from A. koltzei Reitter, 1892. Two new synonym are therefore established.

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 Aphodius (Aphodaulacus) koltzei Reitter, 1892

= A. (Volinus) kurenzovi Nikritin, 1969: 1663, syn. n.

= A. (Volinus) medvedevi Nikritin, 1969: 1662, syn. n.

A. kurenzovi and A. medvedevi were described from single specimens from Vinogradovka Village  (Primorskij Terr.). No additional specimens of either species were collected ever since. Berlov (1989) included both species in the keys to Russian Far East Aphodius species but, judging from the characters mentioned and illustrations provided, he cited Nikritin (1969) and did not have any additional data about the species.

Type specimens of A. kurenzovi and A. medvedevi are deposited in the collection of the Zoological Museum of Moscow University. They are damaged and lacking aedeagi. But the shape of the head, pronotum, and elytra and, especially, characteristic elytral pattern suggest that they both belong to A. koltzei Reitter, 1892.

Nikritin (1969) did not compare the two new species with A. koltzei, a rare species known from Amur Prov. and Primorskij Terr. in Russia and from North-Eastern China (Berlov, 1979, 1989). In the collection of Zoological Institute, 11 specimens of this species from Primorskij Terr. are deposited: Rejneke Isl., 25.V-2.VI.2002, 2 females; Artem, 15.V-6.VI.2002, 1 male; Suputinka [Komarovka] Riv., 20.VI.1961, 1 male, 10.VI.1960, 1 female, Kabakov leg.; Suchan, 15.V.1951, 1 female, Kabakov leg.; Dyanchikhe Riv. valley, near Vladivostok, 22.VII.1924, male and female, Majevskij leg.; Rimskogo-Korsakova islands, 28.V.1915, 1 female; Vinogradovka [type locality for A. kurenzovi and A. medvedevi], 14.V.1929, 1 male, 18.V.1929, 1 female, D'yakonov leg.

The differences between the types of A. kurenzovi and A. medvedevi are due to the sexual dimorphism of A. koltzei. Denser punctuation of the head and pronotum is characteristic for females, and sparser punctuation for males. Clypeus in males is relatively larger and with almost indistinct sinuation, as opposed to being relatively smaller and having very weak but distinct sinuation in females. It is most probably that A. kurenzovi was described from a male specimens of A. koltzei and A. medvedevi from a female specimen, contrary to the author's statement that the both beetles were males.  


I am thankful to Alexey Gusakov (Zoological Museum of Moscow University) for the opportunity to examine the type specimens of A. kurenzovi and A. medvedevi. This research was supported by the RFBR grant 07-04-00482-a and by a grant from the Russian Science Support Foundation. The collection of Zoological Institute, St.Petersburg, is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (no. 2-2.20).


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Received 10 June 2008, accepted 20 June 2008.