Genus Chaetonyx (Scarabaeidae, Orphninae)

Orphninae, Chaetonyx robustus

Small-sized beetles (length 4.5–6.0 mm), with strongly convex, shiny body. Color yellowish brown to dark brown. Clypeus rounded anteriorly, surface smooth, without horns or tubercles. Disc of pronotum without ridges and excavations. Eyes vestigial, almost invisible. Scutellum minute, poorly visible from above. Elytra very convex, fused, without humeral umbones. Elytral striae feebly marked, intervals sparsely punctate. Wings absent. Anterior tibiae with 3 outer teeth, in males there is a smaller variably developed inner tooth. Lateral margin basad of outer teeth not crenulated. Middle and posterior legs similar in shape; posterior femora and tibiae about 1/8 longer than middle ones. Tarsi short. Phallobase with membranous ventral side. Females are similar to males and differs in having anterior tibia with a spur and without inner tooth...