Aegidium cribratum Bates, 1887

Aegidium cribratum Bates


Original description: Bates, 1887.

Type locality: Panama, Chiriquí, Volcán.

Type depository: BMNH.

Diagnosis. Aegidium cribratum is most similar to Ae. asperatum and can be separated from it largely by the sparser punctation of the elytra.

Distribution. Distributed in Central America, from southern Mexico to Panama. Records of this species from South America (Paulian 1984) pertain to Ae. gilli sp. n. (Caracas) and probably to Ae. asperatum (Colombia). Description of Ae. cribratum chileanum Paulian from Chile (without precise locality) was based apparently on mislabeled specimens.


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Bates HW. 1887. Biologia Central Americana, Zoologia, Insecta, Coleoptera, Pectinicornia, Lamellicornia. Volume II , Part 2 (1887–1889), London: R.H. Porter.

Aegidium cribratum Bates, 1887

Aegidium cribratum