Onorius inexpectatus Frolov et Vaz-de-Mello, 2015

Onorius inexpectatus Frolov et Vaz-de-Mello


Original description: Frolov & Vaz-de-Mello, 2015

Type locality: Ecuador, Cotopaxi Province, Toachi River valley.

Type depository: CEMT.

Diagnosis. O. inexpectatus differs from another known Onorius sp. in the sculpture of the body: punctures are round and relatively sparse (head is punctate with transversely elongate, sometimes adjoining punctures in Onorius sp.); punctures are smaller and not ocellate (pronotum with coarser ocellate punctures in Onorius sp.); punctures are round; setae in the punctures are smaller, barely visible at the same magnification (elytra with characteristic U- to V-shaped punctures each bearing a distinct yellowish seta posteriorly in Onorius sp.).

Distribution. The type series was collected in a small area in the Toachi River valley (Cotopaxi Province, Central Ecuador). 


Frolov A. V. & Vaz-de-Mello F. Z. 2015. A new genus of the Orphninae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) associated with epiphytes in cloud Andenian forest. Zootaxa, 4007 (3): 433–436.

Onorius inexpectatus, holotype male

Onorius inexpectatus