Orphnus longicornis Frolov et Akhmetova, 2015

Orphnus longicornis Frolov et Akhmetova


Diagnosis. Males of O. longicornis with well-developed head and pronotum armature can be separated by a very long, slender clypeal horn (almost 1.5 longer than head width) and a protruding, tubercle-shaped basal margin of pronotum. Males with less developed armature are similar to the males of O. luminosus Benderitter in habitus, punctation, and slight metallic tint of the body but they can be separated from the latter by the shape of the parameres which are longer, more curved downward, and more acute apically.

Orphnus longicornis holotype

Orphnus longicornis


Distribution. O. longicornis is known from two districts in Tanzania.

Orphnus longicornis map

Orphnus longicornis, locality map



Frolov, A. V. & Akhmetova, L. A. 2015. A new brachypterous scarab species, Orphnus longicornis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Orphninae), from the East African Rift. Zootaxa, 4039(3): 475–477