Orphnus renaudi Frolov et Akhmetova, 2016

Orphnus renaudi Frolov et Akhmetova


Original description: Frolov & Akhmetova, 2016

Type locality: Calabar, Nigeria.

Type depository: National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France.

Diagnosis. Orphnus renaudi differs from the other macropterous Phornus species (O. giganteus) in having the pronotum relatively smaller and narrower than elytra, sparsely punctate disc of pronotum, narrower head with concave and sparsely punctate frons, and larger eyes.

Orphnus renaudi Frolov et Akhmetova, 2016,

Orphnus renaudi


Distribution. The distribution and habitat of O. renaudi need further clarification. The only exact locality label, “Old Calabar” (modern town of Calabar, Nigeria) suggests that the holotype and two paratypes were collected in the coastal area near the Cross River estuary. It is possible, however, that the specimens were collected inland of the town of Calabar, in the foothills of Western High Plateau. Another locality, “Camaroons”, may refer to foothills of Mount Cameroon or the state of Cameroon.

Orphnus renaudi Frolov et Akhmetova, 2016, locality map

Orphnus renaudi, locality map



Frolov AV, Akhmetova LA. 2016. Revision of the subgenus Orphnus (Phornus) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Orphninae). European Journal of Taxonomy, 241, 1–20.