Orphnus strangulatus Paulian, 1948

Orphnus strangulatus Paulian


Original description: Paulian R. 1948

Type locality: Kasai, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Type depository: Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium.

Diagnosis. Orphnus strangulatus is most similar to O. parastrangulatus Frolov et Akhmetova but can be separated from it in having frontoclypeus with higher transverse keel, slightly sinuate medially, about half as long as frontoclypeus, and abdomen longer and almost flat (in lateral view contour of abdominal sternites is almost straight).

Orphnus strangulatus, male, holotype

Orphnus strangulatus


Distribution. O. strangulatus is known from a number of localities, chiefly on the Katanga Plateau.

Orphnus strangulatus, locality map

Orphnus strangulatus, locality map



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