Pseudorphnus hiboni Paulian

Pseudorphnus hiboni Paulian, 1959


Diagnosis. P. hiboni differs from the other species of the genus in its larger body size (body length 11.0–12.8 mm), relatively slender horns on the either sides of the excavation near anterior margin of pronotum in males (the horns are directed upward and forward; horns of the other species are located in the middle, wider and keel-shaped), base of elytra with puncture forming a tile pattern, and the shape of parameres.

Pseudorphnus hiboni male and female habitus

Pseudorphnus hiboni, male (left) and female




Distribution. P. hiboni is known from two rather distant localities in Madagascar: Ranomafana National Park and vicinity of Tolagnaro (Fort-Dauphin).

Pseudorphnus hiboni map

Pseudorphnus hiboni, locality map



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