Macroderes arrowi Janssens

Macroderes arrowi Janssens, 1939


Diagnosis. This species is similar to M. greeni, M. foveatus, and M. cornutus, in having elytral intervals with punctures with slightly carinate margins, but can be separated from them in having pronotum granular as opposed to being punctate with round punctures in M. greeni and punctate with very elongated punctures in M. foveatus sp.n. From the two later species it also differs in having the pronotum without a concavity on the base. Body length: 9.0-11.5 mm.

Macroderes arrowi Janssens, habitus

Macroderes arrowi


Distribution. Macroderes arrowi is known only from vicinity of Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape Province, South Africa.

 Macroderes arrowi Janssens, locality map

Macroderes arrowi, locality map



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