Macroderes bias (Olivier)

Macroderes bias (Olivier, 1789)


Synonym. M. pilula Sharp, 1880.

Diagnosis. This species is similar to M. mutilans and M. fornicatus in having elytral intervals almost flat and matte, but can be separated from them by having more tapered, shield-shaped elytra in males, elytral stria 9 very close to stria 10, and long internal sac sclerite with feebly sclerotized apex. From the former species it can also be separated by having punctate lateral border of pronotum. Body length: 8.2–12.0 mm.


Macroderes bias (Olivier), habitus

Macroderes bias


Distribution. Macroderes bias is known from South Africa, mostly from Eastern Cape Province ranging up to Uniondale in the west.

Macroderes bias (Olivier), locality map


Macroderes bias, locality map




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