Macroderes mutilans Kolbe

Macroderes mutilans Kolbe, 1908


Diagnosis. Macroderes mutilans is similar to M. bias and M. fornicatus in having elytral intervals almost flat and matte, but can be separated from them in having impunctate lateral border of pronotum and different shape of internal sac  sclerite. From the former species it also differs in having elytral stria 9 widely separated from stria 10. Body length 9.8-11.8 mm, width 6.3-8.0 mm.


Macroderes mutilans Kolbe, habitus

Macroderes mutilans


Distribution. Macroderes mutilans is known from a few localities in the Namaqualand, South Africa.

Macroderes mutilans Kolbe, locality map

Macroderes mutilans, locality map



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