Coptorhina klugii (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Coptorhina klugii Hope, 1835


= C. africana Hope, 1835
= C. vicina Péringuey, 1901
= C. obtusicornis Boheman, 1857
= C. punctata Ferreira, 1954
= C. optata Péringuey, 1901

Dagnosis. This species is most similar to C. davidi and C. angolensis but differs from them in the shape of the transverse pronotal carina which is lacking tubercles in larger specimens. From other species it differs in having narrow lateral borders of the pronotum and evenly rounded lateral sides of the pronotum. From C. nitefacta it also differs in having densely punctured upper side of body.

Distribution. The species is distributed mostly in South Africa and southern Mozambique. The two northernmost isolated localities are in northern Mozambique: Movo and valley of the Kola River.


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