Coptorhina nitidipennis (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Coptorhina nitidipennis Boheman, 1857

= C. seminitida Fairmaire, 1893
= C. subaenea Janssens, 1934
= C. bicolor Ancey, 1882
= C. pygmaea Balthasar, 1963
= C. saganicola Müller, 1947

Dagnosis. This species can easily be separated from all other Coptorhina species by having the following characters: clypeus with acute-angled sinuation in the middle, anterior clypeal processes without longitudinal carinae on the upper side, antennal clubs reddish orange to brown, disc of pronotum without long transversal carina even in larger specimens, only with two small carina-shaped tubercles in the middle.

Distribution. The species is distributed in most of the countries south of the Sahara, from Nigeria and Ethiopia in the north to South Africa in the south.


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