Genus Delopleurus (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Delopleurus darrenmanni, habitus

Genus Delopleurus Erichson, 1847


Delopleurus comprises superficially similar, small-sized, dark brown to black, strongly convex beetles distributed in Africa south of the Sahara and in Southern Asia. The genus is commonly classed as dung beetles, however there are no evidence of its association with dung. Available data suggest that the beetles are associated with higher fungi similar to the related genus Coptorhina members of which are obligate feeders of basidiomycetes. Delopleurus is also peculiar in having a disjunctive range including most of the Afrotropical Region and Indian Peninsula. Distribution of the other genera of Sarophorus group is limited to the Afrotropical region.

Delopleurus currently comprises ten species: seven from mainland Africa, one from Socotra, and two from Asia (Frolov, 2014, Král, 2014).


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