Sarophorus cicatricosus (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Sarophorus cicatricosus (Péringuey, 1901)

Sarophorus cicatricosus habitus

= Pedaria cicatricosa Péringuey, 1901


Dagnosis. Sarophorus cicatricosus can be separated from similar species (S. costatus (Fåhraeus in Boheman), S. striatus Frolov et Scholtz, S. latus Frolov et Scholtz and S. nitidus Frolov et Scholtz) by the irregularly punctate pronotum with sparsely punctate, slightly elevated areas and by the apices of the parameres being rounded in lateral aspect.

Distribution. Sarophorus cicatricosus was described from Zimbabwe (Harare), also found in Zambia (Serenje District) and Democratic Republic of Congo (Kundelungus).

Body length: 7.5–8.0 mm.


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