Sarophorus costatus (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Sarophorus costatus (Fåhraeus in Boheman, 1857)

Sarophorus costatus habitus

Pedaria costata Fåhraeus in Boheman, 1857

Dagnosis. Sarophorus costatus is most similar to S. striatus Frolov et Scholtz and S. latus Frolov et Scholtz but differs from the first in having more coarsely punctate elytral intervals and striae, the presence of a keel at the apex of the elytra and parameres with angulate lateral margins. It differs from the second species in its narrower body, the lateral margins of the pronotum being not bordered, and the presence of narrower, strongly sclerotized apices of the parameres.

Distribution. Sarophorus costatus is widely distributed in South Africa except for Western Cape Province.

Body length: 7.0–10 mm.


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